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I am a highly motivated buyer of all coin collections. I do not invest heavily in Foreign Coins as they do not fall into my portfolio of US Coins. Common Lincoln Cents and Jefferson Nickels are not wanted. NO 1943 Steel Cents!

As a buyer, I will travel to your VERIFIED location, providing the volume warrants. I have to impose some limitations on travel offers. I recently was asked to travel 6 hours to “BUY” a collection. Upon evaluating everything; providing the current market price; and then writing it all down, the individual informs me “The Mother”, unknown to be in the next room, decides she does not want to sell !!! No Negotiation, No discussion, No options. NOT FOR SALE! In all fairness and consideration to my travel expenses and time, this was totally disrespectful of my travel courtesy. It appears they only wanted an appraisal, without expectations of paying for my service. SO, I must make this disclaimer…..

If I travel to your location, prepare the current market evaluation of your collection and make my standard 80 – 90% of the value offer, you must decide either to accept the offer or pay my standard evaluation fee. I charge by the “time to evaluate and travel”, with a minimum fee of $200. Certainly, no fee involved if I buy your collection. Some only want a written appraisal or valuation, that is OK, but I charge for the service.

I will gladly value three or four of your coins without charge over the phone or in person here. Call me for a “Quick Quote”. If you want more coins valued, but do not want to sell, I charge an hourly fee for my service.

If I cannot buy your collection, I will return it promptly,and refund your shipping expense to the last cent.